Wedding Makeup Q&A with Hannah Denton!

Wedding Makeup is a whole different animal then your normal everyday makeup so, we decided to ask our very own Hannah Denton with Beneath The Sequins some Bridal Makeup Questions! 

What are the best skin prep products? - My absolute favorite skincare line is Rodan & Fields! They have multiple regimens for different skin types! Take the brief quiz on their website to find out which one will work best for your skin!

How do I make my wedding makeup last all day? - Translucent Powder & Setting Spray! After you are done applying your foundation, set your makeup with a translucent powder by gently pressing it into the skin! (I recommend doing this with a lightly dampened Beauty Blender!) After you have finished your makeup use the makeup setting spray to set your face! 

What if I have a last minute breakout?! What Do I DO?! - Try not to stress & defiantly DON’T pick at your pimples! I promise this will only make them worse! Apply a small amount of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion directly on the pimple to help decrease redness and swelling. Do this the night before, or the morning of the wedding!

I just want to look like myself, what should I use? - Use your everyday products like your blush, bronzer, and so on..just make sure your products will last all day! 

How do I get not shiny skin? - Again! Translucent powder is absolutely key to guard against shininess! Also, use a matte finish foundation! 

I know I’m going to cry what mascara is the best? - I LOVE the Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara! Your mascara won’t budge a bit!

Should I use false lashes? - I believe false lashes make every bride look seamless! They really make your eyes pop in photos! I would highly recommend practicing beforehand to get the right technique! It can be tricky, but OH so worth it! 

What do I need to have in my touch up kit? - LONG LASTING LIPSTICK, TRANSLUCENT POWDER, and maybe a little bit of blush!

How do I pick the best primer? - There are so many primers out there! Go to Sephora or Ulta and ask a consultant to help you find a primer that works best with your skin-type!

Foundation tips? - I recommend using a matte satin finish foundation! I love the MUFE HD Foundation! It has no SPF in it, so it won’t cause flashback! I also recommend using a foundation that is medium to full coverage! This type of coverage will look best in photos! 

It’s a long day what setting spray is the best? - URBAN DECAY ALL-NIGHTER MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY!

Finally, do you have any Do's and Don'ts for Wedding Day Makeup? 

- Do: practice your makeup look BEFORE the big day! (Watch Youtube Videos!)

- Do: purchase a high quality foundation that will last! I love the Makeup Forever HD Foundation! 

- Do: practice applying false lashes BEFORE the wedding! (I LOVE Ardell lashes from the drugstore! 

- Do: Purchase a long lasting lipstick (Lipsense is a great brand that will last ALL day!)

- Do: Apply a little more makeup than you usually would! (You want to pop & not look washed out in pictures!)

- Do: Invest in a good translucent powder & setting spray! I recommend the Laura Mercier translucent powder & the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

- Do: Where waterproof mascara! (If you’re a crier, like me!)

- Do: Touch up right before photos and walking down the aisle! 

- Don’t: Panic! Practice makes perfect! Take your time and enjoy yourself!

- Don’t: Opt for a red lip (unless you are 100% sure it will stay in place all day!) 

- Don’t: Wait until the last minute to apply your makeup! 

- Don’t: Forget to powder your face and touch up before walking down the aisle! (No shiny brides!)

- Don’t: Experiment with something too trendy or drastic that doesn’t feel like yourself! Ex. If you have never worn false lashes & don’t feel the need to! Don’t! You want to feel comfortable on your big day!

- Don’t: Wear SPF!! This will cause major flashback in the camera and make you look like a ghost! 

- Don’t: Apply makeup on your face ONLY! Extend your makeup down your neck and shoulders! 


Be sure to check out Hannah's Website and YouTube for all her tips and tricks!!







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