Road Trip: Day One

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Nashville, TN

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Two blogger babes and one dog all stuffed into my little Honda Civic. Our trip is set to go from Nashville, stop by Memphis for lunch, and then head over to an adorable hotel in Oklahoma City. 

Step one: packing - WAY easier said than done. 

Step two: Say bye to Nashville for a bit

Step three: Drink a TON of coffee and get REALLY excited.

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Memphis, TN

MEMPHIS! I have been so excited to try out this spot. This was a no brainer because The Beauty Shop has tons of gluten free and vegan options and is dog friendly. Also we found out that they have giant mimosas - which is definitely a big plus for us. We drove through Arkansas. I wish that there was more to the story, but no. It's a lot of flat farmland. Now onto Oklahoma. 


We stayed at the 21C Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City, and it was so fun. It was a huge space and definitely stood out when searching through the hotels! And Baby had a smile on her face the whole time. 


We stopped by Bin 73 Wine Bar and they made us a free customized appetizer - OH my gosh. 


(Not pictured post wine bar - PIZZA) That being said, we went to Wheeze the Juice for breakfast.

Next up... Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM to Flagstaff, AZ.  

Rachel Perkins