What is included in my video package?

Hey all! It's Rachel here. I always am asked questions about what is included in each package - because I work with media and video files it can be a bit confusing. Here are a few examples and details of what to expect. First, let's start with the physical items you will receive in the mail. 


Abi + Sam booked a premium videography package, which includes 3 DVDs of the highlight video, 3 DVDs of the ceremony video, 3 DVDs of our raw footage home videos, and 3 DVDs of the letter reading. The reason for burning THREE of each item is to have one DVD to keep, and one DVD to give to each parent set. The design for each DVD is completely personalized (Iā€™m a scrapbooking nerd šŸ¤“). We throw in a thank you note, a USB with all of the final videos. The USB has the .mov files, which can be used to burn even more DVDs for friends and family. I always like to throw in a candle, because we all need more candles, right?!?

Highlight Video: Olivia and Austin booked a silver package. This package included a 5-7 minute highlight video. Each couple has the option to add in audio from their ceremony, but the "letter reading" is only included with the platinum package (or can be added a la carte). There is an option to send in song choices that you LOVE - Olivia and Austin chose the first song, and then I picked out the last two to match the "vibe" of the video. I am the only one that edits highlight videos because: 

1. I'm a control freak! 
2. In my opinion THIS is the video that will bring back all of those emotions over and over again. It is incredibly important to personalize each video exactly to each couple. 

Ceremony Video: Each video is the exact length of the ceremony. We edit the professional audio with the three videos that we take (each at a different angle). Ideally we can get the audio from a condenser mic plugged into the soundboard, but we also record audio by using a LAV mic on the groom. There is one camera set up in the back to get a wide shot, and then one on each side. When editing we switch between the three cameras to see reactions and details. Normally couples will with this video on each anniversary! I LOVE when couples write their own vows - it is SO special. 

Raw Footage: I like to call this video a "home video". Most videographers do not share their raw footage, and if they do then it is delivered onto a hard drive where you have to double click each shot to see if anything interesting happens in the video. There are SO many clips you guys, like normally around 900. I had the idea to do the work for each couple. After editing the highlight video I tend to know the footage very well. At that point I have already seen every clip and noted when something "important" happens - meaningful conversations, hugs and tears, and goofy moments. The clips will all have audio, so it tends to have the same feeling as watching a home video from the 90's! I have gotten great feedback from couples - some saying that this was their favorite video because they were able to see every part of the wedding day that they had missed. This video also includes the full first look, toasts, and first dances. I love being able to share the memories that may have been forgotten within the stress and craziness of the wedding day. 

What previous brides are saying: 

"Rachel was A-MAZING!!! As those mentioned below I too was unsure about videography in our budget and I can tell you Rachel and her team are worth every penny and more! She captured the most amazing aspects of our day (especially those we didn't even remember - it's true what they say, it goes by too fast). After about 3 minutes of Rachel and her team being there you forget that they even have video cameras! Rachel was extremely responsive leading up to and the day of and made sure we had everything we wanted, she also had everything to us within a month of the wedding (I have some friends married in the Spring still waiting on their videos). If you are sitting there thinking, I'm not sure if I should book Rachel, DO NOT HESITATE, reach out to her now and say your prayers that she still has your date available because she is wonderful, I am in awe of her talent and her true love of this business shines through!" - Kristina 

"As a bride, dealing with budgets and making all my dreams come true with less than a princess budget, I can say with certainty, booking a video with Rachel was worth giving up my wedding favors and any other corner I had to tighten up. She not only went above and beyond the day of my wedding, with being available and her team was on top of everything and capturing the most perfect shots and having amazing creative direction, she produced my wedding to me to relive in a 12 minute video for as many times as I want for the rest of my life. I'm telling you, the day goes by so fast and pictures just aren't enough. The video lets you relive it and see all the stuff you didn't see because you were hiding so the groom didn't see you or dealing with a caterer or your crying mom. I was blown away with the quality of Rachel's service and final product! 5'trust me you're getting a killer deal and an amazing person to work with when you book with her! I promise, one bride to another - you'll be so happy you made a video work in the budget - especially one as beautiful as Rachel's videos!" - Alisha

"A few months into our engagement, my husband and I had decided to cross videography out of our budget. It just seemed like one of the perks instead of the must haves. After a friend recommended Rachel, all of that changed. It was clear from my first conversation with Rachel that she thoroughly enjoyed what she did and was passionate about her videos; it was so nice to hear her excitement about our wedding! She quickly responded to emails, listened to my ideas and incorporated those in our video, and she creatively gave her own ideas based on the style of our wedding. After our wedding, Rachel continued to work with us on choosing the perfect songs and made sure we received everything we wanted from that day. At this point, she was like a friend and we trusted every piece of her advice! We received our video in less than a month, and WOW we could not be more impressed! My husband and I continue to find new moments captured each time we watch our video. It truly was one of the best decisions we made for our special day. We are so happy to have these memories we will cherish always in a special video we can share with our friends and family. I truly cannot thank Rachel enough for her amazing work and will always recommend her to anyone in need of videography services!" - Anna


Rachel Perkins