rachel Perkins

owner/lead videographer/ lead photographer

I fell in love with creativity early in life. I  began making videos back in 2007. I started by creating and editing  short videos for each trip that I went on, middle school dance, or day I wanted to remember forever.  The first wedding that I filmed was for my sister in May of 2015. The video was short and sweet. Every time that I would rewatch the it - it brought back  feelings of joy, excitement, and love (and a whole lot of tears). I wanted to share this with others. 

That was when videography became a passion. Creating a way to document memories is priceless. In October of 2015 I formed an LLC called "Along With You". I was the only one on the team and had to start  from the ground up,  I am so thankful that this passion has become a full time job. My favorite part of being a professional photographer/videographer is to meet up with couples and get to know them. I strive to show their personalities by creating a completely customized video  for each couple. Our team focuses on catching the "real moments" throughout their big day by documenting each hug, tear, and laugh. 

I'm a  twenty something living in Los Angeles, CA + Nashville, TN. I have a passion for traveling and adventure (so if you’re eloping let a girl know!) I have a degree in entrepreneurship and design, but I am self taught with video work. I drink way too much coffee and have way too many planners. I spend way too many hours filming and editing, because I absolutely love my job! I work with the sweetest and best couples around. Let's grab coffee and chat!